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How to add a primary video to the sales page template

While editing your sales page template, you'll notice a blank space indicating that your primary video should appear here. However, attaching your primary video from within the sales page templates isn't feasible based on the current workflow.

Within the sales page templates, you can edit all branding options and adjust elements such as the carousel and background colors, except the primary video. 

Once you've completed the edits on the sales page templates, you can proceed to the media library. From there, you can select the required video to attach to the sales page and send it along with your edits.

Steps to choose and attach a video to the sales page from your media library:

  1. Log in to Hippo Video with your existing credentials.

  2. Click on the Media Library iconfrom the left navigation bar. Then go to the desired folder.

  3. Open the video you want to add to your sales page template. Now, click on the Plus icon as shown below:

  1. Then the “Choose your sales page template” pop-up will appear. Select your preferred sales page template and click Save.

  1. You’ll notice that the sales page template has been added successfully.

  2. Now that the video is attached to a sales page, it is now ready for sharing.

Note: To check how your primary video appears on the sales page template you can click on the preview option as shown in the screenshot below:

Also, before sharing, you can change/remove the sales page template at any time.

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