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Create and send videos using the 'Business Proposal' sales page templates

Hippo Video lets you create and send videos that walkthrough proposals and contracts using the Business Proposal sales page templates. With our pre-designed sales page, all you have to do is input your desired information, such as adding a video and necessary details, e.g., a video on the left and a relevant document on the right side. This allows you to speak with prospects without switching between windows. It's that simple! With just a few clicks, you're ready to go.

Let’s see how you can do that.

To navigate to the sales page templates:

  1. Log in to  Hippo Video with your existing credentials. Sign-up here if you are a new user.

  2. Hover the mouse over the HV Studio icon in the left navigation bar and click on the Sales Page Templates

  3. You will be redirected to the Sales Page Templates page.

Note: When you hover over each tag in the All Templates section, you'll see the Add More button.

To create and send videos using the ‘Business Proposal’ sales page template: 

  1. Select the Closure/Account Management tabs from the left panel and click on the Add More button at the bottom.

  1. The Closure Templates slider will appear with the respective template.

  1. Hover the mouse over the Business Proposal template. 

  1. You can either Preview your template.

  1. Or click on the Use button. All the elements that are available on the preview page are customizable but the primary video cannot be added during the creation of the sales page. It can only be added when you share them with your prospects. Based on the branding permissions, the user will be able to edit the branding settings.

Note: Please refer to this article for more detail about branding and non-branding elements.
Note: To learn more about sales pages, click here, and its element usage, click here.
  1. Click on the Pencil icon to edit the title.

  1. Tap on the Add Logo.

  1. Select the logo from your local drive, g-drive, or library images and click Import.

  1. The logo gets added.

  1. Once you click on the Text area, you will be prompted to select your text formatting options. By placing the cursor over the text, you can enter the relevant information, such as a heading or description. You can also insert fields such as First Name, Company Name, etc., through the Insert Merge Field drop-down menu.

To add a document:

  1. On the right side of the primary video section, click ‘Add document (PDF) to view here’ to add your contract document.

  1. Select the document either from your library or local drive and click Import.

  1. The document is added. You can edit, delete, zoom in/out(-/+), rotate, download, and print the documents anytime by clicking on the appropriate options.

To add a title and assets inside the carousel:

  1. Hover the mouse over the Text box and enter the title.

  1. Then, click anywhere on the sales page to save the title. You can also delete the text box if needed.

Note: No character limit for both text boxes.
  1. Click on Add Links, Videos, Images & Documents at the top of the screen or inside the carousel to add links, videos, images, and documents.

  1. You can now Import VideosDocuments, Images, and Links from the library, local, or add via link.

  2. Folder: The default folder is displayed; Tags: Allows to search the specific videos, images, or documents with tags; Search: Allows to search the specific videos, images, or documents with names.

  3. Content Type: The Videos are displayed by default. You can choose the content type as Videos, Images, or Documents accordingly.

Note: The Green tick indicates selection; The selected videos, images, and documents get listed at the bottom of the pop; The videos, images, and documents selected from your local drive will automatically get saved inside the library.
  1. Click the Import button. The selected assets are imported to the carousel.

  2. The top right link in the carousel allows you to add/edit media and the pen icon below the thumbnail allows you to edit the uploaded asset name.

  1. To change the colour of the carousel, select the container and click on the carousel color from the top of the screen

  2. Edit and customize other elements wherever required.

  3. Once you’ve done that, click on the Preview Page at the top right to take a look at your sales page before saving.

  4. Then, click on Save and Next at the bottom right. You’ll be redirected to the sales page settings screen.

  5. Fill in the fields required such as,

  • Sales page template name - Name your sales page template.

  • Video Flow Settings - Check the box to allow users to edit non-branding settings within video flows, or uncheck it to restrict them from doing so. 

  • Visibility - Select users or groups or everyone in the organization.

  • Share with everyone in the organization - If you want to share the sales page with everyone in the organization, check the box else uncheck the box.

  • Tags - By default, the Closure and Account Management tags will be mapped to the sales page. If you want you can add more tags and remove the existing tags but it is mandatory to have at least one tag to save the page.

  • Thumbnail - The thumbnail will be automatically loaded. You can change it if you want.

  1. Click on ‘Save and Next’.

Note:  The recommended thumbnail dimension for the entire page is 320*180. However, depending on the device, this may or may not work.
  1. You shall be redirected to the Sales Page preview page.

Note: The Preview template button at the top right of the preview lets you to see the sales page preview and click on the respective icons below the preview to clonedelete, or edit the sales page, if necessary. 
  1. Your sales page is now ready to be shared.

  2. Click on the Back icon at the top left which will redirect you to the Sales page template.

  3. The newly created sales page will be available inside the selected tags. Here, you’ll find the template under ‘Closure’ and ‘Account Management’ tags.

Closure tag

Account Management tag

To check out other topics related to sales page templates.

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