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Explore our new recorder UI

We’ve revamped our recording flow for a 3x better user experience! Our new recorder flow is going to be perfect to instantly record, edit, customize, and share.

To start with, click the Create button on the top right. You’ll find three different options for recording: Camera OnlyScreen + Camera, and Screen Only

Camera Only: Give your videos a face by selecting the ‘Camera Only’ option.

Let’s explore the options available inside the recorder UI,

Let’s explore the options available inside the recorder UI,

Lighting: Click on the Lighting icon at the bottom left to check the lighting status of the video.

Below is an example of lighting status, such as Adjust your lightLighting is good, etc…

Note: The status gets updated automatically based on the background.

Best Practices: Click on it to check out the video on how to make great videos.

The quick video contains all about video content and length.

Note: The data is populated according to the user's camera input.

TeleprompterEnabling the teleprompter feature will prompt you the scripts on the screen and lets you talk without the need to look down to consult your notes. 

  • All Scripts: Lists all the scripts (my scripts and shared scripts)

  • My scripts: Lists all the scripts created by you

  • Shared: Lists all the scripts shared with others

Note: By clicking Add New Script at the top right, you will be redirected to the product where you will find an option to add a new script; simply refresh your UI, and the new script will appear.

After choosing the script, you’ll find the seek bars where you can select the scroll speed (Auto Scroll - script scrolls based on the chosen speed, Voice Flow - script follows your voice), the text size, and line spacing of the teleprompter script before the recording begins.

Note: The settings will be retained for all other videos that can be changed at any point in time.

Mic icon: The mic icon on the right shows your frequency. To test the frequency, try talking, and if the audio is working perfectly, you can notice the change in the frequency range from high to low and vice versa.

Settings - Click the Settings icon at the bottom to choose,

  • Webcam Source: The FaceTime HD Camera is set by default.

  • Audio SourceThe Internal MicroPhone is set by default.

  • Aspect Ratio: The Aspect Ratio value is set as 16:9 by default.

Mirror Video - Click the Mirror Video button at the bottom right to enable/disable the mirror webcam video feature before your recording session.

Record button - The Record button at the bottom enables you to record the video.

Cancel recording - Click the Close icon at the bottom, to cancel the recording.

Pause recording - Click the Pause icon at the bottom to pause the recording.

Continue with recording - Click the Play icon at the bottom to continue the recording.

Stop recording - Click the Stop icon at the bottom to stop the recording.

Once you complete the recording, you’ll be redirected to the video preview page. Here, you can name the video, select the sales page template, thumbnail, virtual background, add CTA, share, send, embed, etc.

Screen + CameraClick the Create button on the top right > Screen + Camera to record the entire screen with the webcam.

Here, you’ll find an option to set Mic and Camera options.

The Show Advanced Options pop allows you to select and enable/disable the options such as webcam visibility, record system audio, show markup tools, mirror webcam video, webcam position, webcam shape, webcam size, aspect ratio, and video resolution.

Screen Only Click the Create button at the top right > Screen Only, to record your screen with a voiceover.

Here, you’ll find an option to choose the Mic option.

The Show Advanced Options pop allows you to select and enable/disable the options such as record system audio, show markup tools, and video resolution.

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