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We’ve redesigned our player with a modern and sleek look to make your videos more accessible to all audiences based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). WCAG is a set of web standards that ensure accessibility for people with disabilities (cognitive, visual, or physical). Therefore, we are delighted to share a few exciting updates that will make the video player even more user-friendly. Check it out!

  • Subtitles: This feature will be of immense help to users who depend on a hearing aid (hearing impairment) and are unable to understand the language that is spoken in the video. We ensure that the video's audio gets translated for the viewer to follow by uploading and generating the subtitle files. 

  • Higher color contrast: For users with vision impairment can fully experience videos based on the WCAG standards. 

  • Keyboard Focus states: For users who rely on their keyboards to navigate, we’ve added a box that highlights which element in the player is active currently.

  • Labels: For users who rely on screen readers, we ensure that any element in the player can be read accordingly. We’ve labeled the icon's name on hover, so it reads aloud using screen reader software.

Explore player features:

Play Click on the Play icon to play the video.

Pause Click on the Pause icon to halt the video. 

Mute Click on the Volume icon to mute or unmute the volume and drag the Slider to adjust the volume.

Subtitles - Click on the CC icon to turn on/off the subtitles when watching a video.

Settings - Click on the Settings icon to control the playback speed and quality.

Full Screen button - Click the Square icon to play the video on full screen.

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