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Configure SAML SSO with Hippo Video

With Hippo Video, you can now use a single sign-on (SSO) to simplify the sign-in process and allow users to access their account with their existing credentials.

Note: This is applicable only for Admin users and only for the Enterprise plan. To enable this feature, please contact our support team. 

To configure SAML SSO with Hippo Video:

  1. Click on the Settings icon from the left navigation bar and then click on SSO Configuration card or click on the More icon from the left navigation bar > Settings SSO Configuration
  1. Enter your IDP domain

Note: A domain can only be associated with one IDP, For e.g. Okta, OneLogin, Active Directory, etc...  It is a service that stores and verifies user identity i.e. it creates, maintains, & manages identity information.
  1. Provide your Target URL

Note: The target URL is the one that will receive SAML requests from HV.
  1. Get the X.509 Certificate from your IDP and place it inside the field. 

Note: The SP needs to get the public certificate from the IDP to validate the signature.
  1. Enter the Issuer URL

Note: This is a  unique URL that identifies your identity provider in SAML assertions sent to Hippo Video.
  1. Enter the Metadata URL.

Note: This is the  URL for the provider’s metadata. Both the IdP and the SP should have a Metadata URL.
  1. The ACS (Assertion Consumer Service) URL will be auto-filled automatically. This data will change according to your IDP domain. 

Note: It is an endpoint on the service provider where the identity provider will redirect with its authentication response.
  1. Once you’re done, click Save on the top right corner. The SAML SSO will be configured with Hippo Video. 

Note: Once you’re done with the setup the Sign-in screen will appear as shown below. 

To configure the Identity Provider (IDP) with Hippo Video:

You’ll need to set up a custom app in IDP. To do so, 

  1. Review IDP documentation on Setting Up a SAML Application in IDP. Every IDP is different, so this step will vary depending on the IDP.

  2. You will need to provide the Hippo Video ACS URL to your IDP.

  1. Set Unique User Identifier or Name ID format for an email address. This unique ID helps to identify the Hippo Video user.

  2. After setting up your application in the IDP, you are now ready to Sign in with SSO.

To sign in with your SSO account

  1. In the Sign-in screen, click on Sign in with SSO at the bottom.

  2. Enter your Domain and then click on Sign in.

To learn more about how to configure SSO with Azure AD.

To learn more about how to configure SSO with Okta.

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