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Import or add multiple team members


  • Hippo Video Account. Sign-up here if you are a new user. 

  • Excel file containing your contacts. Supported file formats - XLS, XLSX & CSV and Maximum File Size - 5MB.

  • Only Admin has access to manage this account.

Here's a quick demo video on how to add or import users in Hippo Video,

To import users using .csv or .xlsx (Recommended):

  1. Log-in to Hippo Video with your existing credentials.

  2. Click on the More icon from the left navigation bar and select User Management or click on the User Management icon.  

  3. Select Users tab from the top and click the drop-down near the Invite Team Members button.

  1. Click the Import Users.

  1. Click the Download Sample file link from the bottom right corner upon which the file will be downloaded to your local drive.

  1. The downloaded sample file will look like this,

Note: You must enter a verified email address. 
  1. Enter the user details below each column headings.

  2. Make sure that all the details are filled in. Details like the email address, and password.

Note: You can also set the password for your user’s account that can be reset by them anytime. 
  1. Add first name, last name, phone number, role, and profile.

  2. Mention which team they belong to along with their title. 

  3. Also, add links to their social profile along with their calendly links. Adding a calendly link will be useful as it can be later used in sales pages so you don't have to create multiple pages 

  4. Once you’re done updating the file, go back to the Import Users screen and then upload the file. 

Note: Before uploading, kindly ensure that the contact details in your file are in an accessible format.
  1. You can now either Drag & Drop your file or Choose a file from your local drive.

  2. Once the user’s details are selected, the Import Users dialog will appear automatically.  

  3. Now, map the fields from your sheet to the fields in Hippo Video and click Submit.

Note: You will be notified after the import is completed. Click on the Notification icon on the top right and see the confirmation message after the users are added to this account.
  1. Once done, please Refresh the page.

  2. You will see your users listed under the Users tab.

  1. The email will be sent to respective team members.

More options:

By clicking on the More icon near the user, you will have an option to Edit, Enable/Disable Sales Addon, Deactivate, Reset Password, and Resend invite.

To add multiple users (Alternative):

  1. Click the drop-down near the Invite Team Members button and select Add multiple users.

  1. Enter the email address of each team member and click the Invite button.

  1. You’ll be prompted with the message ‘Thanks for inviting your team to join Hippo Video’.

  2. The request has been sent to the respective team members to merge their accounts. You'll be notified when they accept the request to merge.

To see how you can send invites to your team members through emails and links.


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