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Create and send videos using the 'Video Avenue' template

The 'Video Avenue' template is primarily intended for support use cases. Videos can be added category-wise and shared through different channels. As an example, the support team can add how-to videos for every feature and have it in a separate video hub at one place.

To create and send videos using the 'Video Avenue' template:

  1. Login to Hippo Video using your existing credentials.

  2. Hover the mouse over the HV Studio icon in the left navbar and click on the Hubs

  3. Then, click on the Create New button at the top.

  1. The Hub Templates slider will appear where you’ll find various templates.

  1. Hover the mouse over the Video Avenue template. 

  1. You can either Preview your template.

  1. Or click on the Use button. All the elements that are available in the video avenue template are customizable. Here, you have the option to edit the title, format text, and insert an image.

  1. Click on the Pencil  icon, to edit the title.

  1. Click on the Text area upon which text formatting options will be prompted. You can enter the respective content i.e. heading & description by placing the cursor over the text. The Insert Merge Field drop-down menu helps insert fields like First Name, Company Name, etc.

  2. Click on the Add Image, to insert the logo, etc.

  3. In case, if you want to remove the specific section from the template then place the cursor/hover the mouse over the section and click on the Delete icon.

  4. Click on Add Video Category to add categories to your page. 

  1. Select the Categories of your choice and click Proceed

Note: The Green tick indicates selection.
  1. You will notice the selected video categories loaded as a thumbnail inside the Video Avenue page.

  1. Click on the Edit Category in the top right corner to change the categories.

  2. Once you’re done, click on the Save and Next button.

Note: You’ll be prompted with an alert message to manage your sales page privacy settings. Please read the message and click Ok to proceed.
  1. Fill in the fields required such as,

  • Hub page name - Name your hub page.

  • Page URL - Gets updated based on the sales page name. 

  • Fallback URL - Helps in the event of any errors. If a user is unable to open or access your sales page, the user is automatically redirected to the Fallback URL.

  • Visibility - Select users or groups or everyone in the organization.

  • Share with everyone in the organization - If you want to share the sales page with everyone in the organization, check the box else uncheck the box.

  • Tags - By default, the System tags will be mapped to the sales page. If you want you can add more tags and remove the existing tags but it is mandatory to have at least one tag to save the page.

  • Thumbnail - The thumbnail will be automatically loaded. You can change it if you want.

  • Fav Icon - This icon will show up on the browser. You can at any point in time, if necessary.

Note: Click here for more detail about settings.
  1. Now, click on Save and Next

  2. You shall be redirected to the Hippo Video page layout.

  1. Below the video preview, you can enter the details like the prospect's email and first name, to keep track of the video sent (whether they have opened the email, how they watched, etc.).

Note: If you want to paste your video along with thumbnail in any other website or email layout, you have an option to do so by clicking on the Copy Link with thumbnail below the video thumbnail. 
  1. On the right side of the screen, you’ll find an option to Add or import contact and enter a subject line.

  2. Once you’re done, click on the Send in the email layout on the right. In case you do not want to send the video hub right away, you have the option to schedule it for later.

  1. You’ll find the created video avenue template under the Hubs listing.

To share the video hub:

  1. Go to the respective video hub and click on the Copy Link button.

  2. Now, your page is ready to share it with anyone.

To manage Hub settings:

  1. Go to the respective video hub and click on the More icon.

  2. Click the Edit icon to modify the video hub.

  3. To set access to the video hub, click on the Set access icon.

  4. Click on the More icon: Clone to duplicate the video hub; Settings to modify the video hub settings; Delete to delete the video hub.

  5. If the video hub is in Draft status, you won't be able to clone it or set access to it.

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