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Apart from the convenience of creating and sending the videos/sales pages, using Hippo Video you can also get access to all videos/sales page insights with various key performance metrics.  such as the ones below:

  • Sales Signals

  • Overall Videos Statistics

  • Top Performing Medium

  • Overall Sales Page Statistics

  • Most Engaging Script

  • Top Sales Reps

  • Active Prospects

To navigate to sales page analytics:

  1. Login to the Hippo Video account.

  2. Click on the Homeicon from the left navbar > Dashboard.

Note: You will be able to see the snapshot of the overall reports only if the video is shared at least once. 

How to use filters? 

  1. Use the date range buttons, to view the reports for a given time period i.e. Last 7 daysLast 30 days, and Last 90 days (at the top right corner).

Explore the sales page analytics with various key metrics:

  1. Sales Signals: A timeline report on the recent activities performed by the prospects. This report will only show the activities of the current user’s prospects.

  1. Overall Video Statistics: Depicts a quick overview of how your videos have performed this includes, guest videos, testimonials, and video replies.

Below you will find a table that details the data:

  1. Top Performing Medium:  Depicts what type of medium is found most successful for engaging with your prospects.

  1. Overall Sales Page Statistics: Depicts a quick overview of how your sales pages are performing based on Average Page time, Engagement rate, and Page Loads.

Below you will find a table that details the data:

  1. Most Engaging Script: Depicts which video script is garnering maximum engagement.

Below you will find a table that details the data:

  1. Top Sales RepsDepicts a quick overview of the top-performing sales reps.

  • Unique viewers - The number of unique viewers who had played the video.

  1. Active Prospects: Depicts a list of active prospects who have engaged with videos, such as visiting a page or clicking on a link.

Below you will find a table that details the data:

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