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Send video emails from HubSpot using Hippo Video


Select Video from Hippo Video Account:

  1. Navigate to Hippo Video: Open your web browser and go to the Hippo Video platform. Log in with your credentials.
  2. Select Your Video: Browse through your video library and select the video you wish to share. If you haven't created one yet, you can create or upload a new video within the platform.
  3. Find the Copy Link Option: Once you have selected your video, look for the “Copy Link” button. This will be visible directly on the video preview page as shown below 

    4. Copy the Video URL: Click on "Copy Link" to open a side panel with different options. Fill in the recipient's details, choose "For HubSpot" from the drop-down menu, and copy the video URL for use in your HubSpot email.

Send video emails from HubSpot for Sales:

  1. Log-in to your HubSpot account using your existing credentials. 
  2. Select 'Contacts' under the Contacts drop-down menu on the top left.        


    3. Click on your prospect’s name from the list and click on the 'Email' icon under their name.    

4. In the body of your email, paste the copied link from Hippo Video. HubSpot will automatically generate a video thumbnail. Adjust the size as necessary to fit your email layout.

5.  Ensure that the video appears correctly and that all other content in the email is accurate.

6.  Once you are satisfied, send the email to your chosen contacts.

7. Track Engagement: Utilize HubSpot's analytics to monitor open rates and clicks. In addition, check Hippo Video's analytics to see detailed video engagement metrics, such as view percentage and play rate.

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