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Send video emails using Hippo Video Chrome Extension


  • Hippo Video Chrome extension. Click on this link to install.

To send video emails using Hippo Video chrome extension:

  1. Click on the Hippo Video Chrome Extensionicon on top (browser) and click on the Recent Videos tab from the pop-up.  

  1. Click on the Send Email icon near the video you wish to send.

Note: The “Recent Videos” feature is enabled only for Trial and Paid users.
  1. You will see the recorded video in the email body.

  2. Enter your prospect’s email address, a catchy subject line, the email message, insert merge fields and hit Send immediately.

  3. Or click on Schedule this email to send out the mail later, pick a date and time for the video email to be sent and hit Send. 

  1. Your video email will be sent successfully

To track the notifications of a sent email:

  1. Click on the Hippo Video Chrome Extension iconat the top right corner and click on the Bellicon.

  1. Now, you will be able to see the notifications of your sent videos. 

Note: Once you’ve seen the notifications, they will be automatically removed from the list. 

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