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Create videos using 'perfect your video pitch' template

Using Hippo's Perfect Your Video Pitch template, admins get to use a pre-built template that has got placeholders for using recorded demo/pitch video or recording a new video. Additionally, there is a provision to add images, change background music, and generate a quick preview of the entire template. 

Tip: You can use this template as a practice template before sharing it with your prospects.

To set up a workflow:

  1. Log-in Hippo Video with your existing credentials. Sign-up here if you are a new user.

  2. Click on the +Create button at the top

  3. Select the Perfect Your Video Pitch template, which is created by default.

Note: All the videos will have a default sales page set.

Slide 1: You can record a personalized video by calling out your prospect’s name to grab their attention & interest in the video.

  1. To record a video, click on Webcam Video.

  1. Then, click Record. Once you’ve completed it, click on Finish Recording.

  1. You’ve got an option to trim your video.

  1. After editing your video, click Preview to look at the video before sending it.

  2. Click Submit. The selected video will be inserted.

  3. You'll find several options to add a virtual background to your videos, such as From libraryWebsite screenshot (enter web link), Upload image (local drive/gdrive), or LinkedIn screenshot. Select the option accordingly and click Apply.

  1. To add a virtual background from the Hippo Video library, click From library link.

  1. Or, to add a website screenshot as a virtual background, click the Website screenshot link. 

  2. Enter the valid website URL and click Check.

  3. Once the validation is done, click Import.

  1. Or, to add a virtual background from your local drive or gdrive, click the Upload image link.

  2. Select the appropriate image and click Import.

  1. Or, to add a LinkedIn screenshot as a virtual background, click the LinkedIn screenshot link and add. Check out this article for more detail.

  2. Once you select, click Apply.

  3. You’ll notice that the selected virtual background is applied to your video.

Step 2: Now, it is time to give your prospects more information in the next video and make them understand how they can benefit from using your product.

  1. Record a video or import an existing video from your local drive, gdrive, or Library/ Record screen with webcam / Record your screen.

  2. Click Proceed. The selected video will be imported here.

Step 3: To add a finishing touch and enable prospects to take action, add a cta - "book a meeting/schedule a demo" button inside your video. 

  1. Record a new video/Record screen with a webcam.

  2. The recorded video will be imported here.

  1. You can add your custom background music by clicking the Settings tab on the right side in the top bar and selecting Set Background Music.

  1. The Import Audio pop will appear.

  1. You can import audio from local, recently used audio libraries or g-drive and then click Import. The selected audio is set.

Note: You can adjust the volume of the background music on the slider and change the background music at any point in time.
  1. Before sharing the video, you can look at your video preview by clicking the Preview at the top.

  1. Once you’re done, click Merge & Save at the top right. All your videos are merged and saved inside the library with the video title ‘Perfect Your Video Pitch’.

  2. Now, you can share the video with your prospect anytime from the library.

Note: If you want to edit an existing template, click here for more detail.

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