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How to use Hippo Video inside Jira?

In a company with multiple projects, every employee should be well aware of every task they are dealing with. Complete knowledge of the project improves the work quality and efficiency. A short video covering the critical points with required information can help them take it as a reference and it reduces the need to approach other employees for an explanation when a video guide is attached.


  • Hippo Video account. Click here to Sign Up

  • Hippo Video App + Jira Integration. Click here to learn how to install

To use Hippo Video inside Jira:

You can create and post a video as a comment or drop a video in the description of any created board.

  1. Log in to your Jira account.

  2. To record a video or import videos from the Hippo Video library or get a video reply link, select the respective task board and click on the icon which is available at the top of your message box.

To record a video :

  1. Select Compose Video from the pop-up.

  1. Now, select the recording options and then click on Start Recording.

  2. Click on Finish Recording when done.

  1. If you want to modify the video, click Edit and Save the changes (optional).

  2. Click Add link and then click Close.

  3. Paste the link inside the compose box and click Create.

To import a video from the Hippo Video library: 

  1. Click on Hippo Video icon.

  1. Select View My Videos from the pop-up.

  1. Now, select the video you wish to send.

  2. The link gets pasted inside the compose box. 

  1. Click Create.

To get a video reply:

  1. Click on Hippo Video icon.

  1. Select Get a Video Reply from the pop-up.

  2. The link gets pasted inside the compose box.

  1. Click Create.

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