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Recording your screen - Deep integration

To record your screen 

  1. Click on Hippo Video icon. You will see various pop-up options.

  1. Now, click on Record screen from the right to capture your screen while recording the message.
    Note: Webcam Mic are selected by default. To capture your screen while recording the message, select Screen.

  1. Click on Record.

  1. Choose what you want to share Entire Screen or Window and click Share.

  2. Be sure to utilize mark-up tools like Click Animation, Highlight, Cursor, etc, to draw your prospect’s attention. For more information on the use of Markup Tools, please click hereOnce you’ve done, click Finish Recording. You’ll be redirected to the following screen.

  1. Click on Retake Video to record your video again.

  2. Select the text New Recording above the video to change the default video name to a name of your choice.

  3. Select the folder to save the video below the Add to folder. By default, the video will be saved inside the Others folder.

  4. Click on Edit Video, to modify the video, if required.


Video thumbnails are the face of a video; most users choose videos with catchy thumbnails. It is recommended to choose an animated GIF thumbnail over a static one. First and Last few portions of your video will be merged and shown as a thumbnail (endless loop/loop continuously). Your customer will get to know that it is a video attached and not an image (static).

Note: By default, the GIF Preview is selected. 

To set thumbnail

  1. Click on Show Advanced Options below the video preview and then click on Grab the attention of your prospects with a GIF Preview link.

  2. Select the preferred thumbnail.

  • Default Frame - Displays the default thumbnail of your video.

  • GIF Preview - Displays the animated GIF thumbnail of your video.

  • Upload Frame - Select and upload the frame from your local drive.

  • Choose Frame - Select the frame from your video.

Meeting link

Are your videos not converting leads into customers? If yes, a CTA(call to action) might get your work done instantly. By adding a CTA to your video, you can captivate and drive the results that you desired from your target audience.

To add meeting link

  1. Click on Add a link to book meetings/demos and increase prospect engagement link.

  2. By default, the Meeting Link is selected. Just fill in your name, designation, button name, link to your calendar, and click on Add.

Sales page

A landing page is a static page of your video, designed to convert visitors into leads. They usually are intended for a specific purpose such as a sign-up, gathering information, or selling a product. 

Note: You can create one sales page for multiple videos and the entire team can use it while sending videos. The Merge fields will be auto-replaced with the prospect information eg: First Name, Company name, etc.

To set sales page

  1. Click on Choose a Sales Page to embed your video link.

  2. By default, the Sales Page is selected. You can select the sales page of your choice. 

Note: Go back to proceed further.


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