Are your videos not converting leads into customers? If yes, a CTA(call to action) might get your work done instantly. By adding a CTA to your video, you can captivate and drive the results that you desired from your target audience.

With Hippo Video, you can easily boost lead generation and sales by embedding a meeting/demo link at the end of your video.

Adding the meeting/demo link

  1. Select the video for which you want to add the meeting link.

  2. In the video preview page, click on Marketing Tools from the tab on right and then click In-Video Meeting Link.

  1. Then enter your name, designation, the text you’d like to display on the CTA button, and your meeting link in the respective fields.

  2. Once you’re done, click on.

  3. Now, you will notice the In-Video Meeting Link added to your video.  


That’s it! Your video is good to go. Contact us if you’ve any questions.